World Famous Female Aviators


Who are the famous female aviators?

Aviation had been for a long time one of man’s last strongholds. Although in the past there were some female aviators who would rise up, there were just a handful of them if you consider the number of pilots as a whole.

Twenty years ago, a female airline pilot would have been unthinkable, the only jobs that women did inside the airplane was that of a flight attendant. Nowadays it is quite common to see women flight crew members in the airlines. We now have women pilots in the military flying jet fighters, attack helicopters, huge transport jets and whatever equipment the military has.

Read the article below about 8 famous female aviators who carved out a name for themselves in a world dominated by men:

8 famous female aviators: Fabulous flying women | MNN – Mother …
A look at eight pioneering female aviators and astronauts who have … veteran pilot Liu Yang, 33, became the first Chinese woman to enter space while aboard  …


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