Pilot Mistakes Are Big News


Pilot Mistakes Make Big Headlines

pilot-mistakes-are-big-newsBeing an airline pilot is one respectable profession that can be compared to other professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants and such. Unlike other profesionals, I haven’t heard of any stereotyping about pilots other than being attractive (ehem) to the opposite sex and taking advantage of it. Just stereotyped as playboys but in reality many are just regular family guys happily pursuing their beloved profession. Nothing about misusing their expertise in committing crimes. We’ve seen in the news about some medical doctors using their knowledge to commit heinous crimes. I have also heard many jokes about doctors making errors like amputating the wrong limb or worse their patients die, or lawyers’ clients ending up in jail or the electric chair when they make a mistake.

Pilots do make mistakes, too. Pilot mistakes usually make big headlines and lingers as top news for a long time. Maybe the reason why there are not too many jokes about pilot mistakes is that when it happens they’re on the receiving end of that along with their passengers. I believe this is one reason that compared to other professions, pilots committing errors are very few in numbers. There is a big reason not to make a mistake – if their plane goes down, they go down with it and surviving it is very slim. Also, when a pilot makes that one mistake, most likely it’s his last one. There’s no need to prove that in court, like in the other professions. Oftentimes that mistake’s outcome is the judgement too. Sometimes pilot mistakes are just too plain silly, but pilots are humans also. And nobody’s perfect. However this article doesn’t do justice to these flying professionals who because of their skill and expertise make air travel a lot more safer than traveling on the road.

Check out this article below:

10 terrible airline pilots we hope to never fly with | Fox News
Feb 1, 2013 With all the job pressures and uncertainty in the airline industry, it’s a wonder more pilots don’t run afoul of the law the way Klobjorn Jarle 

How Many Pilots In The World?

After reading through this article people will think that most pilots are like this. These few rouge individuals do not represent the majority of pilots who in their professional careers until they retire have not experienced anything serious at all. Don’t forget that compared to the other professions, pilots are very small in numbers. .  In 2008, there were around 679,000 pilots in the US. This number includes all categories from student pilots to airline pilots. Of these only 146,500 were airline transport pilots. That’s about .48 per 1000 of the population. Compare that to practicing doctors which about 2.4 per 1000 and 265 (!) per 1000 for lawyers.

As far as world pilot population is concerned, I can only guess, probably less than .05 per 1000. The bulk of pilots per 1000 of the population mainly come from the US, Canada, UK, China, and Europe.

Pilot mistakes come from a tiny group of professionals but when they do happen, they become big news.

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  1. Hence,the extra strict requirements amd qualification to fly the airlines and cargo as a proffessional aviator. Other occupations doesn’t entail passing so much IQ, physical and psychological exams to practice the subject proffession.

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