Flying During Christmas Holidays

flying during christmas holidays

flying during christmas holidays

Going Flying During Christmas Holidays…

Traveling by air during the Christmas holidays isn’t one of the best days to fly. Big crowds at the airport, flight delays and cancellations because of bad weather, these are some of the major annoyances that accompany flying during Christmas holidays. Airlines on their part, most of the time don’t really get praised for the service that they provide.

Although one can’t deny the importance of the airlines in our society today, most of them get hammered by their customers mainly for bad service. This can range from lost luggage, delayed flights, cancelled flights, bad in-cabin service, to really outright poor customer care. Considering that airfares today are just about a third of what they were 30 years ago, many airlines are really cutting corners if they can on their services. It is quite difficult to find the best airlines to fly with.

Christmas holidays is one of the worst times for airlines in terms of customer relations. They get blamed even for reasons beyond their control such as flight cancellations due to bad weather. People who go flying during Christmas holidays with the airlines are usually less tolerant to the the difficulties that they encounter as they themselves are already stressed out. With easy access to media and the internet, it is very easy for travelers to let their steam out about their bad experience with a particular airline.

Exception to the rule

There seems to be one exception. WestJet of Canada may be trying to change what air travelers think about the airlines specially during the Christmas holiday season. WestJet sets up Santa station boxes in Calgary and Toronto. As you can see in the video, Santa talks to the passengers as they pass by asking them what they want for Christmas. I guess the passengers thought this was just a novelty gimmick and played along, judging from their facial expressions as they talked to Santa.

Gifts dropping off the chimney… oops… the luggage chute…

Unknown to the passengers who are en route to their destination in Calgary, WestJet then mobilizes their staff to gather up the gifts that the passengers asked from Santa before they boarded their flight. After arrival the passengers got a real surprise. When they went to the baggage claim area to pick up their luggage, they found the gifts they asked from Santa dropping off from the luggage chute into the carousel. So the the next time you go flying during Christmas holidays, you may want to look up WestJet before booking your tickets with any other airline.

In the Christmas spirit that WestJet has brought about from this video, we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

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