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first pilot license

Who got pilot license number one in the US?

first pilot licenseWhen you are passionate about something you would want to know as much about it as much as you can. When you ask people who are passionate in sports, like baseball, the highlights of it in the past, most of them can give you a very detailed answer.

When it comes to flying and how to fly a plane, I guess we’re not that much different. I’ve always read about the history of aviation right from the beginning. Humans always had the inner desire to fly way back in history. Every since the myth of Daedalus and Icarus was told man had tried and failed in various ways to fly like the bird.

I’veĀ  always wondered about pilot licenses that were issued in the past. I guess that before all these licensing rules came about, people just learned how to fly a plane and then hopped on one by themselves or with someone and just went on flying around. Like anything else, as more people were learning how to fly a plane and affected the safety and lives of the public, at some point the government had to step in and regulated it. This was to ensure that people that were flying either alone or with passengers were adequately trained and proficient and had the skills to prevent them from endangering the lives of those flying with them as well as those on the ground.

I was curious who got that number 1 pilot license here in the US. I have as pilot license number my social security number but pilot licenses were issued before the Social Security Administration so they must have started with a number one.

Anyway, here’s some information on that . Please click on the link below to read further:

The First Pilot License Issued In The US – Business Insider
The FAA was formed in 1958, and is now responsible for licensing pilots. Here’s what License No. 1 looked like: first pilot license. FAA. Here’s what a private pilot license looks like today. It hasn’t changed too much: privateĀ 


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