Day In The Life Of An Airline Pilot

a day in life of an airine pilot

Have you ever wondered how a day in the life of an airline pilot unfolds?

On this video you will see the typical routine that an airline pilot goes through as he does his day to day chore at work. Just pretend that you tag along with this guy as he starts his day and then goes through to complete his assigned route. Thus you see with your own eyes what the typical workday of an airline pilot is.

This is one of those routes where the captain and his crew get several layovers staying at nice hotels in exotic places. On top of it they get a lot of free time to explore and experience the local scenery and activities. This is one dream flight assignment that you won’t mind doing over and over again.

Just imagine, you’re receiving a regular salary to make these daily trips, stay in a nice hotel after work, and depending on the airline they will give you an allowance just from spending the night away from home. You’re working in a constantly changing environment and get to meet all different sorts of people. Since there is no permanent pairing of the flight crew, you’ll be going with different crew members most of your schedule. It’s actually play and work at the same time. This is job that only the very few get to experience.

Of course this is the typical normal day in the life of an airline pilot. No emergencies, bad weather or crazy passengers. Although everything’s routine it can’t be boring as every flight is never the same even if it’s the same route.

Airline Shuttle Flights

Sometimes, though, you get those shuttle flights that just run back and forth between two destinations the whole day long. These are the flight runs between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Boston and New York Washington DC and New York, etc. Well maybe this could be the exception to the rule that to a pilot no flight is ever boring. But then again, I would take this job anytime over anything that would make me sit in a tiny square room or cubicle eight hours a day. How about you?

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