Possible Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 Airplane found off the Indian Ocean

After 16 months with no answers, new evidences have emerged with respect to the whereabouts of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

A piece of metal partdrifted ashore on a beach in the Indian Ocean on Wednesday, and is being examined to determine whether or not it belongs to the missing airliner that mysteriously faded off the coast of Malaysia in March 2014.

The wreckage was detected on Reunion Island, a French region east of Madagascar. A witness transport photographs to a former military aviator and aviation safety expert, Xavier Tytelman, who guesses the dust could be a part of MH370, the Telegraph reported Wednesday.

Incredible similarities between the a and dust found this morning, Tytelman tweeted. Additionally, he felt the dust had been in the sea for more than a year, based on the be developed further of barnacle and rust, which is in conformity with the timeline in the departure of MH370.

Its too soon to tell whether or not these bits and pieces does, in fact, belong to the Malaysian Airlines airplane, a French official told CNN. We only found the debris this morning.

Some are hopeful examiners will instantly specify the beginning of the side. Every make sets a data label, or data plateful, on every side that goes on an airplane, former NTSB investigator Greg Feith told Wired .

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 was on the way to Beijing when it faded on March 8, 2014. It carried 227 passengers and 12 flight crew from 15 countries. About an hour after departure from Kuala Lumpur, the air traffic controllers lost communication with the flight over the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand, where the initial rummage began. The dust was detected almost 4,000 miles back from where it disappeared.

Inevitably, countless plot speculations germinated up during the search.

New York magazines Jeff Wise proposed that Russian Special Ops hijacked the 777, interrupting its electronics, simulating the flight path, and actually taking the plane into Kazakhstan.

A second speculation suggested that maybe the U.S. shot down the plane and cleaned up the debris as hijackers took it on a kamikaze operation into the Indian Ocean.

Rupert Murdoch tweetedthat the plane was hijacked by jihadists and was hidden in Pakistan, like Bin Laden.

The most-believed speculation, nonetheless, purports that a fuel broke out in the cockpit, inducing captains to divert the flight west to a nearby runway, but didnt make it in time.

The missing airplane befuddled even the savviest of sleuths, but that didnt stop redditors from taking the instance. Fortunately, their continue investigation abode on the content boardsunlike the fus the amateur Internet sleuths caused in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 when two men were falsely accused of committing the terrorist act.

Once officials identify the mysterious section of dust, online examiners, and most importantly the families of the vanished, may lastly get the answers and close they so desperately need.

Photo via Auckland Photo News/ Flickr( CC BY 2.0 )

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