So you want to fly – getting your pilot license…

getting your pilot license
What a ride!!!
Get you pilot license
What a ride!!!

Getting your pilot license – living the dream…

All these start with a dream and then desire. That first inner prompting which claims that part of your destiny is always to fly an airplane may indeed come when you sit back and watch airplanes take off and start thinking, “That would be really great if I possibly could do that. ” For me it was when I was in my first grade walking to school and hearing an airplane flying overhead. I would look up to the sky and thought to myself  “I would be up there one of these days.” As time goes by, however, we talk ourselves from going for that dream thinking that only Air Force pilots or people who are exceptional are  the only ones who can get a pilot license. But really with a few exceptions, and mostly for medical reasons, anyone can do it!

It might surprise you to learn that each year literally tens of thousands of people start out to get a pilot license and many of them do it not to become a professional pilot but only pursue the dream of being able to fly an airplane. But looking at this video may change your mind.

However it all starts with that burning desire and inner urging to give it a try. Once you get your pilot license, there are many practical ways that you can put your love of flying to good use. If you are a sales person with far and distant clients and you spend days in the road you can cut a lot from the time you spend traveling, not to mention how flying your own plane will impress your clients ten-fold. You can cover a lot more distant territory, service more clients and spend less time traveling. You can practically leave in the morning and cover a thousand miles and be home for dinner. Being in a position to fly your own airplane also opens up a lot of possibilities on how you can go see new places with your family.

But even if you have no plan of flying other than for the sheer fun and thrill of it, it’s still worth your time checking out how to get your pilot license.

Where do you start? In your area, find out where you local airport is. By this I don’t mean the JFK or O’Hare or LAX kind of airports. This is where the big airlines operate and most likely you won’t find help in there. Look for the small local airports in the surrounding neighborhood where private pilots, organization aircraft, helicopters, flying schools and flying clubs are located. If you are in Los Angeles or San Bernardino counties in California check out Southern California Flying Club. The have two locations – one at Bracket Field in La Verne, CA (KPOC) and the other one is at El Monte Airport (KEMT) in El Monte, CA.

This is where you will find helpful persons who will answer your questions about getting a pilot license, whether private pilot license, sport pilot license  or commercial pilot license. These  questions will be primarily what are the requirements to start out, what the curriculum is, and of course what will it  cost. If you decide to pursue this dream, this is also the place where you will be hanging out a lot.

On good way to try it out, to get the feel of real flying and also see how you would react is to go for an introductory flight. These are deals that flying schools or fying clubs give to entice and encourage newbies to at least go for the experience. These  deals are also available at Groupon with additional discounts; I’ve seen a lot of those offers emailed to me. These  introductory flights include some sessions in a flight simulator and an hour of flying in a real airplane with a flight  instructor. Some flight schools even allow you to bring a friend along. You need to find out what the exact details are for this introductory flights as they vary among the different flying schools.

Once you experience the thrill of real flying it will be very hard to turn back. What I mean by flying is not sitting  inside the cabin of an airliner. It doesn’t even come close. It’s more of like sitting in your living room or den in an  armchair watching TV or playing a video game with nothing much going on. When your up in this small airplane, this is real flying. You hear the engine noise, feel the movement; your in front with all the instruments and the flight controls, you hear the radio communications. The feeling is incredible being up there looking down from the cockpit.

This first fight most likely will seal your fate in becoming a pilot. You will then need to plan out your next course of action as getting a pilot license involves going through several steps that need to be followed. In my next post I will cover the different pilot licenses.

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