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becoming a pilotWhat you need to do before you start your training on becoming a pilot:

So now you have decided to spend time studying to becoming a pilot. Before you waste your time and hard earned money on any private pilot training software, classroom or online ground school for private pilots or actual flying lessons this is very important. Complete your FAA medical test before going any further. Passing the Third Class medical test would ensure that you are medically qualified to be issued a private pilot license.  This will also serve as your student certificate when you start flying solo.

You are not required to have this to start your flying lessons. However it would be very disappointing to go and spend all that money and then find out later that you are medically disqualified. Depending on the authorized aviation medical examiner, you will pay around $100-$150 for this test. This is valid for 5 years if you are under 40 years old and for 2 years if you are over age 40. You only need to be at least 16 years old to be able to get your third class medical / student certificate. Other than that, you’re qualified.private pilot ground school software

For more information on FAA medical certificate requirements, click here.

What you need to pass the FAA written private pilot exam

Most flight schools have a private pilot ground school curriculum of about 40 hours. This will cover communications,air law, human performance and limitations, navigation, meteorology and aircraft general knowledge. However the FAA does not require anyone to attend a traditional ground school.

Here are the private pilot requirements according to FAA Advisory Circular (AC) No: 61-65D:

  • COMPLETION OF GROUND TRAINING OR A HOME STUDY CURRICULUM. Ground training courses to prepare for the aeronautical knowledge test may be offered by pilot schools, colleges, aviation organizations, and individual flight or ground instructors.

To find out more about the FAA requirements on becoming a pilot, click here.

Because of this you save on your private pilot license cost by not attending the private pilot ground school course offered by flight schools. There are online ground training that you can enroll to. The online private pilot ground training are somewhat a version of the traditional classroom ground schools. They cover pretty much what is in the curriculum, nothing more and nothing less. They don’t cost as much as the classroom training but can still be quite expensive.

There are also complete private pilot ground school software that are bargains. Less than the cost of a regular dinner for four at Denny’s. When you study with this pilot training software you have a great chance of passing the FAA written test for the private pilot license. It will also help you ace the oral test that the authorized flight examiner will require in your flight test.

What private pilot ground school software to buy

private pilot ground school software

Instead of going to an online ground school for private pilots, your private pilot license cost will be much less by purchasing private pilot ground school software. One such great private pilot training software is The Complete Pilot Training Course by Bruce “Flyboy” Hogan. He has owned and operated a flying school for over a 10 years. Bruce “Flyboy” Hogan has a lot of real experience from teaching flight instructors as well as giving pilot lessons. This can be the best private pilot training software there is for anyone who would prefer go on the easy route to becoming a pilot and quickly get their private pilot license simply and efficiently.

This is a weekend private pilot lessons course that you can do by yourself quickly and efficiently at your own time and pace. Not that it just covers the minimum required private pilot ground school curriculum requirements to pass your FAA written tests, but it also comes with a lot of bonuses. You will find that this includes many subjects that will enhance the learning experience of the student. It also aids you to advance your flying career much further.

Here are some of the bonuses:

complete pilot flight training system

You will receive help from all the information and lessons that are in the electronic books and downloaded software. There is the question and answer section that you can use to achieve your objective. It will not be hard, not if you are seriously interested in flying. This home study private pilot ground school course is the perfect route to succeed in getting your private pilot license. It will prepare you to begin working up there in the air.

Why Complete Pilot ground school software is right for you

I could tell you the many reasons why you should consider this particular private pilot ground school software. However these would be the four most essential reasons in my opinion:

  • First and foremost, in this time of tight finances, is the price. At a price of $37, you will get all these training guides that will guide you in you quest on how to be a pilot. You will save a substantial amount off your private pilots license cost. You have nothing to lose as it comes with a 60 day 100% money back guarantee. But don’t be fooled by the the low price. This is a great and high value private pilot training software.
  • with this complete package you will have access to more than 3000 illustrated pages with guides and handbooks that will instruct you with almost every topic regarding airplanes and helicopters.
  • You will be provided with all the guidance that is needed to enable you to successfully pass the FAA written exam and you will be able to go and return to the books any time you feel the need.
  • You will gain knowledge from a truly knowledgeable coach and flight instructor. You will definitely get each of the right answers to the numerous questions you possibly have.

complete pilot flight training system

There are plenty of more reasons that is worth being mentioned here but you will know them all once you buy your own Complete Pilot package. 

This study material will give you the knowledge and skills that you should have to get that private pilot license that you’ve always wanted that may be the beginning of something huge.

You’ll want to make a decision to start your private pilot ground school training with Complete Pilot simply because it can provide plenty of benefits, such as:

  • More money – You will get great results and knowledge but it won’t cost you half as much as what you will pay if you went to some other training program. You can reduce your private pilots license cost substantally by learning with this private pilot ground school course.
  • Help 24/7 – Guidance is always available any time you need. Students will have access to thousands of practice Q&A’s and topics. This will make allow easy learning to the written exam will require..

Start your basic ground training with Complete Pilot private pilot ground school software today. It is available for immediate download and you can start right now. It will serve as a great private pilot training software to prepare you for the FAA written test. You will turn the flyer in your dream into becoming a pilot, a real one, at the controls of a real airplane.

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