Pilot License – Paying For It

Money for your pilot license.
Money for your pilot license.

Funding Your Pilot License.

How to get your pilot license is the first step in fulfilling your desire to learn to be a pilot. Being at the controls of an aircraft to steer it into the clouds would be the beginning of a great life reaching out to the stars. But that first step of obtaining your pilot license is a huge one. Not merely is flight school demanding and is one that will take substantial effort and time, it’s quite expensive as well.

Flight schools are not cheap. Providing training in getting a pilot license would mean hiring highly trained and competent instructors who are qualified pilots. Besides the obligations associated with running a ground school, flight schools need to be able to enable you to complete 40-50 hours of real flight time which involves one on one time with this instructor. Therefore flight schools must provide the aircraft along with the mechanics to maintain those planes in good repair. Just about all of that is not cheap and that is built into the cost of your training.

One area that you may consider is to skip attending ground school and instead just purchase a training software which will do the job of making you pass the FAA exam. These private pilot ground school software are inexpensive and they  not only provide the training materials needed to  pass the FAA exam but also contain so much information about aviation which you will not get sitting in an actual ground school class.

So to help make your dream a reality, sometimes you will need to get a student loan or some college grants to get to your destination in the air travel industry. Like any other form of education and learning, there is financial assistance available and you need to find out how to get this. Thus if you are determined never to quit on your dream, you simply must make finding the money as much of a project as making it through flight school and getting that pilot license.

One particular often untapped resource are grants from organizations or businesses that benefit from a whole new source of great pilots. You actually can find out at your local airport the types of institutions around which may have awards for students who need help with flight lessons. Pilot fraternal institutions and also men’s groups like the Boy Scouts, the Lions Club or the Shriners often times have scholarships for desirable trainees. If you have an adult family member in one of these groups or you are an associate or an alumni of one of these groups, consider any awards they might have before you go to unfamiliar sources.

Another clever way to get educational funding is to seek out schools that offer a complete degree in aviation and flying. Often these types of schools manage a totally funded flight school as part of that curriculum. And should you enroll in an accredited college or university, the scholarship or grant and federal education loan program through FAFSA is always there to generally be able to assist. An additional “back door” technique to get free tuition and in many cases some financing from the school is to go to work for the institution or have a dad or mom do so. Usually educational institutions give free training to staff members and their children as part of their employee benefits.

However even if you are working with a school just training pilots, speak with the management as they may know of a lot of grants or college loans you could qualify for. Before you start on this pursuit, ensure that you have your current financial documentation in order. That means have your tax documentation all collected up as well as bank statements, pay slips or anything else that document your financial standing and can be used to demonstrate financial need for assistance.

The institution can be an essential partner to you in finding the funding you require. There may be existing federal government programs like the Pell Grant or the Stafford or Perkins loan programs that will work to get you the financing you will need to get through flying school. Again, getting signed in with the FAFSA program is essential to be able to go after any government financing but when you are accepted by FAFSA, the government will in most cases guarantee any student loan you’ll need. That will mean banks and credit unions will most certainly welcome you with open arms as soon as you come to them for a student loan.

Here are some websites that you may want to check out for the student loan programs:

You may really be surprised just how much financial aid is out there to help you obtain your goal. If you need to pay for your training with a education loan, don’t worry about getting into debt. As soon as you get your pilot license, your personal market value will certainly skyrocket and you can pay the debt off from the good career you will get in the aviation arena. And it can be well worth enduring that loan process because in the end when you have attained your goal of becoming a pilot, you will be able to soar above the clouds flying an airplane which you’ve only dreamt of before, and you will be grateful for everyone who made it easier to you along the way.

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