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dream of becoming a pilot

How To Become A Private Pilot – More Free Resources


how to become a private pilot

How to become a private pilot is the dream of many. Here’s one free website that can help. It’s full of information concerning aviation. These days airplanes are a common thing to people. Just look up in the sky at anytime and chances are there are several commercial airliners flying up there at the same moment. It’s all taken for granted nowadays.

These are questions that someone who wants to know how to become a private pilot will likely ask:

  •     How can something with weight heavier than air go up in the sky?
  •     How does it keep it’s balance and remain level?
  •     How does an aircraft do maneuvers in flight?
  •     What makes an airplane able to stay up in flight?
  •     How does the airplane do takeoffs and landings?

Beginner’s Guide To Aerodynamics

All these questions are part of your quest on how to become a private pilot. These answers can be answered here in this NASA site. The free knowledge that you obtain here could help you pass that FAA pilot license test. Going through all the data here will definitely give a student pilot an edge when you start your flight training. You might even impress your flight instructor.

No matter what kind of a certificate you’re holding, this is definitely one for pilots to see. It doesn’t matter if you just went up to fly your first solo or if you are an airline transport pilot.

With federal government support it was developed by NASA to provide the most basic knowledge about aviation. It covers, among others:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Aerodynamics
  • Kid’s Page explaining how airplanes and the jet engine work
  • Beginner’s Guide To Propulsion
  • Beginner’s Guide To Rockets

This is a treasure trove of knowledge that is amazing. Don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity. Although many of the articles start with “Beginners Guide”, it also contains many advanced aeronautical subjects. There many interactive simulator computer programs, calculators, computer animations, and movies. These demonstrate the physics and math of the topic. To a student in math, you can go from calculating the area of a rectangular wing to using calculus to derive the ideal rocket equation.

This is an ideal place to nurture someone’s dream of becoming a pilot. Not only how to become a private pilot but have a military career. Or perhaps become an astronaut. Who knows? There’s even a guide on the careers in NASA and how to apply for jobs there.

There’s so much free information here on how to become a private pilot. dream of becoming a pilot

Check out NASA’s site and go for it.

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