FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Jobs

faa aviation safety inspector jobs

FAA Aviation Safety Inspector Jobs Are Something To Think About…

faa aviation safety inspector jobs

One good career opportunity that a pilot may want to consider are the FAA Aviation safety inspector jobs. What airline company at the moment is a rock solid employer that is stable, has a great pay scale that can’t be touchedĀ  and provides a ton load of benefits? I can’t think of one. At the air carriers you apply at your own risk, maybe getting furloughed or worse laid off in a very short notice. You walk the thin ice of maybe not having a job the next day. Besides, pilot’s pay are really not the same as in the past. That time when telling someone how much you earn as an airline pilot leaves them breathless is long gone. Nowadays pilot pay is so so and I bet Registered Nurses and maybe even Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) make more than many of the airline captains out there. And did I mention that Nurse Practitioners make as much as the heavy aircraft captains of the past? Even with the airlines reporting profits in 2013 and forecasting more of the same for 2014 in aviation anything can change in a heartbeat as we have seen in the in the previous years.

Now, who can be a better employer than Uncle Sam at the FAA? You can work for Uncle Sam in the Federal Aviation Administration as one of their FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors. These FAA Aviation Safety Inspector jobs range from Operations, Avionics, and Maintenance Inspector positions. The position you will want to apply for is that of an Air Carrier and General Aviation Operations Inspector. These inspectors evaluate airmen, their training programs, equipment and facilities. They investigate violations involving incidents/accidents of the Federal Aviation Regulations, including both general and air carrier industries.

Qualifications are not as strict as for the top positions in the airlines. I’m sure many of those who had flown in the major as well as the regional airlines would qualify for this position. This is something definitely good to consider, and whether there are vacancies now or not you have nothing to lose by putting in an application. You will never know when these FAA Aviation Safety Inspector jobs will open up, and having your application ahead in the queue will be a big plus for you.

To find out what the qualifications are for the FAA Aviation Safety Inspector jobs click here. Good luck in your job seach and may this new year be good to you all out there.

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