Big Boost For Pilot Careers


Pilot Career Good News…

Here’s some good news for those who are aspiring to have a pilot career. The last few years had been tough for those pilot-careerlooking for pilot jobs here in the U.S. There were not too many flying jobs around and the pay was not really attractive. Also for those new pilots, landing commercial pilot jobs was very difficult and near to impossible as these inexperienced brand new pilots have to compete with furloughed or laid off highly qualified and experienced airline pilots.

As flight training cost in a pilot training college is expensive, many aspiring pilots had been discouraged from pursuing a pilot career. There is practically no reassurance that after graduating  and getting a pilot degree those who have chosen to follow the path to a pilot career will ever get a flying job.

Aid in job placement

Most of pilot universities and the bigger well known colleges for pilots in the country will help their graduates find jobs in the aviation industry but this is all that they can do. Although aiding these new pilots for placement either in the airlines or other commercial aviation companies is a big help for these newbies who are pursuing a pilot degree, there is no guarantee that they will be accepted by these commercial aviation companies.

Commercial pilot job assurance

However, with this latest news this is all about to change. Someone who qualifies for this program and successfully completes the course is assured a job in the aviation industry after graduation. On top of it, a $10,000 scholarship is also offered to those who qualify to help them offset the cost of getting pilots license. Now, what can be better than this? If you ever thought of following a pilot career in the past but got discouraged, click on the blue link below and read the article. Then act on it. This is one of the best things that has happened to aviation in a long time.


UCM Aviation, American Eagle Airlines form new partnership …

ae WARRENSBURG, MO (Jan. 28, 2014) – The University of Central Missouri and American Eagle Airlines announced a partnership Monday that will benefit UCM’s aviation program and its students as it provides American 


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