Buy A Plane – Every Pilot’s Dream


The first dream – becoming a pilot

An aspiring pilot’s first dream is to be able to fly out there, to be a pilot, in an airplane or whatever means possible. The serious ones go through the process of how to get a pilot license first, spending time, effort and money in the pursuit of their dream. As time progresses and this aspiring dreamer has now become a pilot and is currently living his dream of simply flying, that dream branches out into more specific pursuits.

Some may continue on to the the military and become a fighter pilot while others go into the commercial field of airline or charter flying. The means to fly now is either in an airplane or a helicopter. Some may be happier going up in a sailplane or even a hot air balloon. Whatever the means, it is still flying. To a true pilot, flying a 747 or a sailplane doesn’t matter. The equipment is all a matter of ego (and pay, if you’re commercial). It’s the freedom of going up there and being up there at anytime that counts.

For those who don’t go military or commercial, they may just be content with renting an airplane on weekends. If you don’t fly a lot, renting is the practical way of doing it. The cost of ownership of an airplane can be a heavy burden depending on what airplane you buy. If you don’t fly enough hours to justify owning one, then renting an airplane is the best way of satisfying your need to fly.

buy-a-planeThe second dream – buy a plane

However, all pilots, no exception, also dream of eventually owning their own airplane. I don’t think there is not one pilot who doesn’t dream this. Whether he is a military pilot, an airline captain or a weekend warrior or just a student pilot, every pilot ultimately will want to buy a plane. Whatever it is, a pilot will be proud of any airplane that is owned by him or her. Just like wanting to fly in the beginning, owning an airplane is the natural flow in the flying life of a pilot.

Practical side of the cost of owning an airplane

Here is a video that i think is hilarious although it points out to the practical side of the cost of owning an airplane. This is not to discourage someone on the route to buy a plane. This video just shows the humor if you go overboard in your ownership of an airplane. Of course, just like owning a house, owning an airplane involves a serious financial commitment on an ongoing basis. Finding planes for sale is not a difficult task. However in the long run, if you do your homework before rushing out to buy a plane, it will provide you with a lot of benefits as well as make you realize that second dream of owning an airplane.

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